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Advanced midwifery services

My Services: 

Pregnancy advice 



So you are pregnant and not sure what to do from there. It’s a scary world out there with multiple options, decisions and new responsibilities. With the competitive market out there and all the options and possibilities it is not uncommon to be confused about where one should start. I specialize in assisting new parents to make informed decisions. You are welcome to join my Friday class that is focused on options and choices.

Once you have all the information, you can decide on the type of birth you want. You will know where to start looking for your care provider and know what all your options are, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of every choice that you would want to make. I can tell you about different hospitals, how they do things and what the differences in their policies and procedures are. I can assist you to make the best choices to have the birth you want.


This is a very important time in your life, and it is also important to make the right decisions. Don’t regret not knowing what all your options are and therefore making uninformed decisions


Perinatal care


  • Reasonable 24 hour availability for emergencies throughout the client’s pregnancy, labour and birth.
  • Ordering of clinical laboratory testing, including arrangement of referral of high risk clients
  • Any referrals or transfer of care will be done after discussion and agreement between midwife and client.
  • Consults: (Not included in birth fee) R400 paid in cash on day of consultation
  • Early pregnancy consultations 4 weekly from 20w, 2 weekly from 28w and weekly from 36 until birth.
  • Antenatal visit to Genesis obstetrician at 36w will be at the cost of the client.
  • Advantages of a doula for antenatal labour and postnatal care
  • Antenatal weekend workshop will be recommended to all new clients
  • CTG during antenatal period if necessary.
  • Advice and interventions of natural inductions after 40 w.
  • Medical Induction of labour: if medically indicated or at 40w +10d (No Social inductions)


Antenatal classes


 I offer a 3 day course that will cover everything you need to know about labour, postpartum, breastfeeding and the care of a new born.


Topics that will be discussed are as follows:

  • Stages of labour
  • Possible complications during labour.
  • Different types of births
  • Choices during birth advantages and disadvantages
  • Support during labour
  • Medicated and non medicated pain relief methods with the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Bonding with your new baby
  • Breastfeeding
  • Fourth trimester of pregnancy or care of the new born

These classes are reimbursed by most medical aids depending on which plan you are.

If you are interested please just send me an email on and I will forward the complete content of the course and Fee structures.



Hospital births


I am a advanced midwife with a degree in midwiffery and neonatology, qualified to manage most complications during pregnancy and birth. I have been doing deliveries since 2002. I have worked and birthed clients in various different situations. I currently birth at Genesis, Parklane or Linkwood.

For more information just send me your e mail address for our fee structure and information.


I believe that every mother should know her rights as a patient, she should gather information as much as possible, so that she can make informed decisions. Every Mother should be treated as a unique individual, and according to her specific needs depending on her individual beliefs, choices, experiences and situation. I believe that informed decisions eradicates fear of child birth, therefor I will educate, assist, guide and support you, but also respect your decisions every step of the way, to have safe birth the way nature intended you to. It will be a privilege to endeavour that the birth of your baby becomes one of the best moments of your life!



There is power that comes to women when they give birth. They don't ask for it, it simply invades them. Accumulates like clouds on the horizon and passes through, carrying the child with it.
Sheryl Feldman




Postnatal and breastfeeding consultations

 A post natal visit will include a full examination of mother and baby, including assessment of jaundice, weighing and measuring of the baby. This is the perfect time when possible abnormalities can be picked up and referred. Assistance during baby blues and detection of post partum depression can also be made during these visits. Baby bath demonstration will also be done with advice on all areas off concern. Umbilical cord will be inspected and professional advice can be provided. Assistance with possible breast feeding problems will be provided including the correct latching between mother and baby.


Discovery Medical Health also chose me as a midwife for their new home care program. For more information and to enquire if you qualify for 3 free postnatal home visits please contact Discovery Health (available for Discovery Health members).